Amazon represents an exceptional opportunity for brands to get their products in front of millions of online customers. But before you list your products on Amazon, your business needs to be prepared.

Amazon is Fraught With Complexities

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Excessive Chargebacks

Chargebacks are nothing new to brands working with national retailers. Amazon is no different in many ways and you will probably never totally eliminate these charges. But you can reduce chargebacks with advanced planning, tactical engagement and diligent monitoring.

Amavise provides Amazon seller management.

Unstable Pricing

If you sell a recognized brand on Amazon, and you have multiple sellers offering your product(s), pricing will likely become an issue. Especially if there are sellers that you didn’t authorize, and Amazon is enabling them to hide behind the 3P “curtain”. If there are any holes or compromises in the way your products are distributed, Amazon will reveal them.

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Unknown Third-Party Sellers

Anonymous third-party sellers can wreak havoc on your brand’s integrity. Multiple pages of 3rd party sellers with prices all over the place is a sign of a brand out-of-control on Amazon.  Amavise can help you repair the issues and eliminate unwanted sellers.

Finding your products on Amazon.

Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit products can happen on Amazon at the cost of your brand integrity. Obviously counterfeit products are not permitted on Amazon, but it’s often a tedious process to get rid of them.

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Disrupted Legacy Sales Partners

Listing your products on Amazon can result in a variety of consequences for your other sales channels. Open communications can lessen the punch of product placement on Amazon and with proper planning, Amazon can enhance your channel performance and diversity.

We Solve the Problems Your Brand Faces on Amazon:

1. Reduce and Manage Your Chargebacks

With careful planning and a logistical strategy that works for your business, Amavise can save your business thousands of dollars in lost revenue from excessive chargebacks.

2. Price Your Products Right

Managing consumer facing pricing on Amazon is complicated – to say the least, but Amavise can help you devise a pricing strategy to optimize consistency and minimize unplanned deviations.

3. Stop Unauthorized Third-Party Sellers in Their Tracks

Using state-of-the-art forensic cybersecurity tactics, we identify and locate unknown third-party sellers that are disrupting your brand equity on Amazon.

4. Streamline Your Sales Channels

Retail commerce is more than just Amazon. We understand that your business needs an all-encompassing strategy that includes all sales channels that are vital to your business’s success. Through productive communication and strategic negotiations, Amavise will help your brand develop a blueprint to establish mutually beneficial relationships with Amazon and your legacy sales channels.

5. Establish Strategic Relationships with Amazon

Face to face interactions with Amazon Category Leaders and retail personnel has equipped Amavise with the experience your brand needs to establish a productive relationship with Amazon.