Doug Swan, Founder of Amavise and Amazon Consulting Expert.

Founder of Amavise, Doug Swan is a seasoned sales channel integration expert and Amazon specialist. His experience managing multi million-dollar brands has become a valuable resource to medium and large brands on Amazon. In his corporate roles, Doug has garnered over 30 years of sales, management and leadership experience. In his last executive role, he managed the North American sales channels for a Japanese electronics brand with over $400 Million in global revenue.

As a member of the first Amazon Global Category Team, Doug worked with Amazon representatives from China, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Europe. Doug has extensive face-to-face experience working in collaboration with Amazon’s core teams in Seattle, Washington.

Dive into Doug’s Experience Working with Amazon

“October 2011 marked the beginning of my experience with Amazon, as I entered my new position at a global electronics company that was struggling to catch up with the new world of online retail. Although we were selling hundreds of products on Amazon, the 2008 recession and a lack of an effective distribution strategy left the company in need of some change. As I dove into my position, I realized that our company was fulfilling huge orders from unfamiliar distributors. As it turned out, these distributors were selling hundreds of thousands of dollars of our products on Amazon without our knowledge. This led me to our most significant issue: We had no control over our products and our prices were out of control – disrupting every one of our sales channels.

With no real relationship with Amazon, I spearheaded an objective to establish a mutually beneficial relationship with Amazon. Our brand was generating over $10 Million in revenue on Amazon which attracted their personnel to our brand. After two years of Amazon negotiations, we began our vendor relationship – and over the next few years, it damn near killed me.

The time it took to finalize our agreement with Amazon was just the beginning. We thought we were managing the opportunity strategically and methodically, but we were no match for the power of Amazon. The internet was revolutionizing the retail space and leaving the legacy brick and mortar retailers in the dust – and many of them were blaming Amazon.

During the next three years with Amazon, we struggled daily with managing the relationships and opportunities. The worst part was trying to stamp out over 250 resellers who were not authorized to sell our products and their prices were all over the place. I lead the development of a comprehensive pricing policy for our company, and Amazon had zero respect for it. As much as I would love to blame Amazon for the frustration, I must admit that the company I worked for was not willing to manage the business properly.

There has never been an entity as disruptive to traditional sales channels as Amazon. But I learned that if you plan strategically and consider what will happen in advance, it can be a tremendous asset to your brand.

Shipping packages through Amazon.

Eventually, we built an internal Amazon team within the company with members from marketing, shipping, accounting, MARCOM, and policy. I spent a lot of time and money with our lawyers defining and managing our risk. It wasn’t easy. The Amazon machine was in full swing and we were naive enough to think we could have any control over it. Amazon puts together a hypnotizing PowerPoint that will wow any executive team with statistics and opportunities, and I tried everything so I could learn what worked – and what didn’t.

As difficult as it was, I am extremely fortunate to have been able to experience so many aspects of Amazon. Because we had some hot products and a global brand presence, I became part of the first Amazon global team that focused on electronic products. I sat in our Tokyo office with the Amazon category leaders from the US, Japan, China, UK, and Europe. I gained experience working with them on the strategy to promote brands and products on a global level.

By the time I left the company, we had accounted for $50 million in annual revenue on Amazon in the U.S. alone. The experience gave me the skills, confidence, and know-how needed to strategically align your brand with Amazon.”

What Amavise Specializes In

Amavise offers a unique perspective for large brands navigating the complex Amazon marketplace. We typically work with brands whose Amazon sales exceed $1 Million annually. We fill a void in this niche market by addressing the major problems that large brands, and their sales teams, face every day with Amazon. Our clients often need both broad and detailed insight into how Amazon operates to address the persistent challenges that come with Amazon visibility.

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