Partnering with Amavise

Get the one-on-one Amazon consulting services your business needs at affordable rates.

Our Promise to You

We know that every business is different. That’s why our consulting services are fully customized to fit the needs of your brand. When you hire Amavise, our consulting services are available to your entire senior leadership team, so each member is invested in supporting your brand to reach the organizational goals.


To be the most effective for your organization, we waste no time to systematically identify the root cause of your Amazon challenges. While we specialize in streamlining Amazon as a significant sales channel for your brand, our expertise is also utilized to integrate every one of your sales channels around your brand’s core mission.

Amazon Consulting experts from Amavise.

Our Consulting Fees

We recognize that not all businesses budget for consulting services. That’s why our consulting fees are flexibly structured to enable your business to take advantage of our niche Amazon consulting services. Depending on your specific case, Amavise charges per hour or project, or in a monthly retainer.

Amazon Seller Consultant

Hourly Rate

$195 per Hour
Billed in 15-minute Intervals

Finding your products on Amazon.

Ask Me Anything Session

$195 Per Session, 1 hour limit
Flat Rate

Amavise helps you reach customers on Amazon.

Monthly Retainers

Starting at $1500 per Month

Working with Amazon

On-Site Daily Rate

$1500 per Consultant plus Expenses

Amavise provides Amazon FBA consulting

Project Rates

Custom Quoted Based on Scope of Work and Amavise Availability

Get a FREE 20-Minute Qualifying Call with Amavise

We might be an excellent fit for your business. Then again, we might not. With a 20-minute conversation we can determine if Amavise is a sensible resource for your Amazon business.

Amavise Makes it Easy

At Amavise, we are passionate about working with clients that are committed to squarely facing the issues of managing the Amazon channel. Getting your brand in alignment and positioned with a sustainable plan on Amazon should be one of our mutual objectives.

Working with Amavise does not involve any contracts. Instead, we develop a written document that clearly defines scope, expectations, costs, arrangements, and objectives based on inputs and desired outcomes. While there is no quick fix for most Amazon issues, we clearly define our scope of work in advance. You, as the client, can stop our services at any time, pay the fees up to that point and move on without us. If we can’t clearly deliver value and reasonable ROI, there is no point in dragging out a misaligned relationship. That’s why we take the necessary time to define mutual expectations up front, so it doesn’t happen.