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Amavise is a niche consulting agency lead by founder Doug Swan, whose experience working with large brands on Amazon has shaped Amavise into a valuable e-commerce and strategic planning partner. In his last corporate role, he managed both direct and third-party selling strategies and regularly met face-to-face with Amazon personnel in Seattle and around the world.


Dedicated to helping your brand build a properly aligned Amazon relationship, Amavise’s expert consulting services provide guidance and expertise to maximize your Amazon sales and minimize risk and stress.

Doing business with Amazon


Like no other retailer in the world, Amazon has revolutionized the customer buying experience and the way that brands present products to millions of engaged consumers. Built on the foundation of Doug Swan’s extensive experience working with Amazon, Amavise empowers brand managers and executives to build and maintain proper alignment with the Amazon sales channel through issue resolution and long-term planning.

Amavise helps you reach customers on Amazon.

Your Brand

Protect your brand from non-authorized third-party sellers, counterfeit products, out-of-control pricing and Hi-Jacked product pages. Amavise works with your team to guide your brand to strategic alignment with Amazon – so your brand equity is safeguarded for the long-term.

e-commerce sales consulting.

Consumer-Facing Pricing

Pricing on Amazon can get out of control quickly. Before you know it, your products are devalued by deviations in pricing that confuse consumers and stall their buying decisions. Amavise has the experience to develop a pricing strategy that works for your brand, Amazon and your legacy sales channels.

Amazon Seller consultants.

Strategic Channel Integration

Amazon’s revolutionary “open” marketplace can disrupt your traditional channel partners, undermine your sales teams and challenge your pricing strategy. Amavise provides strategic channel planning services to properly align all your sales channels and structure sensible objectives to promote the building of long-term brand equity and growth.


Vince Mancuso telling his Amazon Story

Vince Mancuso

Director of National Accounts, Audio-Technica US

I worked with Doug at Audio Technica when we first started working directly with Amazon. I don’t know if there is anyone else out there that has had the kind of experience we had. When your Global Amazon business goes from zero to $100 million in a short period of time you get a good dose of Amazon’s world. Doug was at the lead and had to manage some very tedious situations. You have to get face to face with Amazons teams to really figure it out and Doug has a gift for those kinds of meetings. Some days they loved him and some days they hated him, but protecting the brand was always a focus of ours and in the end that is what we achieved. His strategic planning with Amazon was pretty amazing and ended up being a win/win scenario down the road when the long term plan played out.

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Clinton Muntean

President, Mainline Marketing

I’ve known and worked with Doug in various roles for many years. His business acumen and intuition are remarkable. It’s rare to find someone with his level of experience and insight with Amazon’s retail business, brand owners will find his expertise very valuable. Doug is a professional, and has a passion for helping businesses. I am confident that, anyone who chooses to work with Doug will have a successful outcome.

Donna Dunn from Amavise

Donna Dunn

Director of Advertising & Marketing, Better Business Bureau, Southeast Florida

I had no idea what it was like doing business with Amazon until I met Doug. His experience working with Amazon is unique. A business really has very little idea of what happens on the inside of Amazon until they start posting products on their site. I love what his firm is doing with services for companies that want to use the growing Amazon Home and Business Services.

Bill Bramlett

Senior Commercial Loan Officer, Centennial Bank

[Doug’s] program was truly informative.  The third-party revenue vs sales reporting was eye opening.

William Roger Cummings

Real Estate Broker, Century 21
Learned great information from Doug. Detailed content delivered in an easy to understand and friendly manner. Good job.

Klaus Schaefer

VP, Business Development
K&A Schaefer Consulting, LLC

Thanks for a very informative and eye-opening presentation on the impact of Amazon.